“The meaning of life” is a plight unique to the human race. It encompasses our thirst to understand 
existence, life, and death. Why do we exist? What are we supposed to be doing with our lives?
What happens when we die? This yearning for explanation plagues all of humanity despite outside 
influences— it is the only thing that all of us have in common. This is the human condition.

Humanity is doomed to perceive life as a ticking clock; our time running out one second at a time.
We eventually come to realize that as we grow, we are slowly approaching life’s end. As this
progression takes place, our understanding of existence evolves accordingly.

When a human’s life begins, there is little awareness of the fragile and temporary nature of life. 
As a child, it is easy to deny death as reality. Denial gradually contrives our awareness of the
inescapability of death, which we can either ignore… or choose to accept.

Samm Rae