On Saturday, November 3rd, 2012, I was a part of the one day "Live, Love, & Make Art" exhibition at The Singularity in Jackson. It was a wonderful and fun exhibition that included some of Jackson's very talented artists, and it was a pleasure to be a part of!


I included some older pieces as well as my two newest pieces, "My Innocence Begins to Weigh Me Down," and "Oil Spill," initially a tattoo design, but I'll be making stickers and stuff of it. Kind of a wildlife preservation awareness project, haha.

Not only did I get a lot of publicity as well as sell a few prints, but I sold my original piece, "I Wanna Paint Like Rembrandt."

I sold the piece to a wonderful soul I met for the first time at the show, Kaity Snyder. I was kind of sad to part with my baby, but I know that it is now in great hands and I am ecstatic about having sold it!


I am deeply grateful for all of the appreciation I received at the show, as well as for the wonderful people who chose to commission and buy prints from me. Thanks to those who came!

Be sure to visit The Singularity's wordpress for future exhibitions and news!

Website opening!

SO FINALLY, I have my website presentable for the public. It's not completely done; there are still a lot of small tweaks and things I need to fix. But, you know. HERE IT IS. Enjoy your stay. If there are any bugs or problems that you notice that you can help me with, email me at! It would be much appreciated!